HURRY...! Limited Stocks Only!  2018/09/11

INAKA UDON Promotion...

WAS: Buy 1 Take 1 for AED10 only...

NOW: Buy 1 Get 2 FREE for AED10 only...

Special Promotion... Limited Offer only!!!  2018/09/04

Visit our website and look for "Buy 1 Take 1/Special Price Promo" for the selected items only. Simply click the SALE in main category and SPECIAL PRICE PROMO in sub-category...

LIMITED OFFER ONLY...!  2018/07/26

Japanese Rice No. 1 Brand "KOSHIHIKARI 5kg.X 2 for AED215 only!

Just simply click our website and go to "SALE" main category, "BEST SALE" sub category. Or in "DRY" main category, "RICE" sub category

EID PROMOTION  2018/06/13

HURRY! Our RAMADAN PROMOTION ends on June 16, 2018/Sat.

Come and visit our shop for our EID PROMOTION for 4 days. Starting on June 14/Thu. to June 17/Sun. (FOR SHOP ONLY)

A: Unagi (Eel) 80g for 3 packs @ AED25 only.

B: Una Don (Eel on Rice) @ AED20 only. For first 20 shoppers daily. first come, first serve.

Daifuku Special Promo   2018/05/25

Special price promo of Daifuku (Thailand)... AED4 only for assorted flavor!

Special Promotion  2018/05/25

Enjoy our special promotion!!!...

More Special Price Promotion...  2018/05/11

Grab and enjoy our "Special Price Promotion" for selected items only! Just click "Sale" and "Ramadan Promotion"...


***For every purchased of rice worth AED100 w/ free 2kg of AKAFUJI RICE (Japanese Rice Grain made in Vietnam)***

***Try our new product... Craw Fish Salad.

It's a craw meat marinated w/ mayonnaise. Good for salad, sushi and it's taste good with the rice...

More promotion items in "SALE" catagory, just click the "RAMADAN PROMOTION"...

New Various Snacks  2018/04/30

Promoting our new variable snacks...

MAY PROMOTION  2018/05/04

***Special Promo Price for Selected Items Only...!
Click the "SALE" from Main Category and click the "MAY Promotion"




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