GREETINGS  2020/01/01

Dear Valued Customers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!.. Here's wishing 2020 be the year of prosperity, wealth and health for everyone.

The Management


OSECHI PRODUCTS are now available in a packet(Kuromame, Kazunuko, Datemaki, Kobumaki, Sake Kobumaki, Kurikinton). Just simply click the "Frozen Food/Side Dish" in main category and "OSECHI' in sub-category.

Please be informed that our shop are open at the end of the year and New Year JAN 1, 2020. With our shop timings from 9:00am - 10:00pm.

And kindly note that our delivery service on DEC 31, 2019 will be until 3:00PM only, due to the traffic condition on the said date.

We hope that you will understand. And we apologized for the inconvenience.


NEW PRODUCT  2019/12/18

Try our new product... IKA EAR (FRESH FROZEN)100g. for only AED16.80 (inclusive vat).

Ika Ear is a fresh local squid ear with a soft bone. Enjoy it with your salad, just boiled and thin slices. Also you can use for pan-fried with thin slices.

NEW PRODUCT  2019/12/17

Try our new product... ISAKI SHIO KOJI YAKI 4pcs. for only AED37.80 (inclusive VAT)

KONNYAKU JELLY  2019/11/27

Now your favorite yummy Konnyaku Jelly are back...!!! With 2 new flavors GRAPEFRUIT PINEAPPLE AND PEACH LYCHEE.

NEW PRODUCTS  2019/11/07


SUPER OFFER...  2019/10/17

Let us not waste time to grab this offer. Price valid till stock last.

A special price of MINI YUKIMI DAIFUKU (9PCS.) for AED10.50 only each box!!!

NEW PRODUCT  2019/10/15


Oyster season are coming!
Famous Japanese oyster place SANRIKU coast produce frozen oyster for oyster's lover.
It’s frozen in shelf but so easy to defrost and open it!!! You can enjoy milky rich raw oyster at home so easy !
Now special promotion price .

You can order from [new product]or [seafood]


NEW PRODUCTS  2019/10/04

Try our new products... KONBUCHA (Kelp Tea) and KANIMISO (Crab paste Miso)

NEW PRODUCT  2019/08/28

Sea bream Toro ( belly ) sashimi available! Local market products.

Beautiful white meat fish with fat ,so you can enjoy sashimi or sushi at home. It’s skinless and boneless, so easy to slice and serve!

(Picture is total 100g fillet)



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