Mochi Icecream  2017/06/20

Japanese Mochi Icecream are now on sale !

Whole Strawberry Daifuku ice, Uji Matcha Daifuku with Azuki Bean Paste, and Belgian Chocolate Daifuku with Caramel Custard.

Please try them !

June Promotion !  2017/06/07

Some items are now on sale as June Promotion !

Please look at " June Promotion" in the "Sale" of the Main Category.

New arrivals : Chateraise !  2017/06/01

Japanese popular cake, Chateraise products are now on sale !

Custard Eclair, Cream Puff (Chocolate, Green tea, and Custard), Mochi Cream Cake, Baumkuchen...

Please look at the Chateraise in the New products !

Japanese popular Rice from Hokkaido  2017/05/31

Japanese Rice has again arrived; Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi and Yumepirika !

May Promotion !  2017/05/10

Some items are now on sale as May Promotion !

Mochi Mochy (Green tea, Strawberry, Chocolate), Konnyaku jelly (Mango, Peach, Grape) , Candies, Calpis drink, Green tea, Furikake, etc.

Please look at " May Promotion" in the "Sale" of the Main Category.

Morinaga Snacks !  2017/05/01

Morinaga Cocoball, Dars Chocolate, Bake, Ottotto snacks, Milk Caramel, and Hi-chew are now on sale !!

Please check out "Morinaga Snacks" in the "New Products" on Top Page !


Big Sale !  2017/04/26

"Yame Matcha Mont Branc" cake and " Yumepirika Rice pack" are now on big sale !!

Japanese Apple  2017/04/10

Japanese Apple, Fuji has just arrived again !

April Promotion  2017/04/08

Some items are now on sale as April Promotion !

Please look at " April Promotion" in the "Sale" of the Main Category.

Japanese Strawberry  2017/03/31

Japanese Strawberry "Amaou" is finished selling for this year.

Thank you so much for a lot of reservation till the end of March.

We will have it again at the same timing of the next year !!




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