Add to March Promotion !  2017/03/28

There are some more additional items to March Promotion.

Sapporo Ichiban Sauce Yakisoba, Hokkaido Cookies, Sukiyaki sauce, Yakiniku sauce, Drinks, etc.

March Promotion  2017/03/05

Some items are now on sale as March Promotion !

Instant Miso soup, Matcha Green Tea, Brown Rice Tea, Sweetened Soybean, Banrai Soy Milk, Temaki Nori, Canned fruits, etc.

Please look at " March Promotion" in the "Sale" of the Main Category.

New Products from Japan !  2017/02/26

"Rice Bran Oil" have just arrived from Japan !

What's good about Rice Bran Oil??
- Prevent Arteriosclerosis and Cerebral Infarction.
- Prevent Diabetes.
- Anti-aging and Beautiful Skin.
- Safe and Secure.
- Good flavor and Anti-Heating.

Gourmet-ya 4th Anniversary !  2017/02/26

Today, Gourmet-ya is celebrating our 4th Year Anniversary since we opened.

We would like to thank you all, and are offering a little gift for the first coming 50 guests.

Japanese Rice  2017/02/23

Very popular Japanese Rice have arrived; Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi and Yumepirika !

Japanese Chocolate !  2017/02/20

Japanese Chocolate have just arrived !!

Meiji - Galbo Mini, Almond Chocolate, Macadamia Chocolate, and
Lotte - Garna Milk Chocolate...

February Promotion  2017/02/16

Some items are now on sale as February Promotion !

Soft Salada(Kameda snack), Matcha Candy, Wasabi nuts, Nagatanien Cho-Furikake, Instant Miso soup, Canned food, etc...

Japanese Apple !  2017/02/09

Japanese Apple, Fuji has just arrived from Yamagata Prefecture !

Japanese Strawberry "Amaou"  2017/01/31

AMAOU is one of the most well-known brands of strawberries in Japan.

We are providing "AMAOU" by special price 50dhs ( 300g: 12-15 pcs/pkt) until March.

If you are interested in, please contact us before 10 days to pick up for reservation. ( / 0502953944)

January Promotion  2017/01/13

Some items are now on sale as January Promotion !

Nagatanien Cho-Furikake, Instant Miso soup, Fumi Arare, Pokka Oulong Tea, Nori Seaweed, Snacks, and Osechi food, etc.

Please look at " January Promotion" in the "Sale" of the Main Category.



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